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Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL
Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL
Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL
Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL
Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL
Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL

Big Country 4x4 Penthouse Tent XL

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Big Country 4x4 has been making their Penthouse tent in South Africa since 2008, and now they've made some updates to the design for the US market!

If you're a serious adventurer, this tent is for you.  These tents are mega tough and can handle anything you can throw at it.  You'll always know that at the end of a long day on the trail you'll get a good night's sleep in the Penthouse Tent XL.

Leave Your Bedding Inside

You can keep full-sized pillows, sleeping bags and blankets inside the Aero model, including the ladder!  There's plenty of room.

Use The Top As A Rack

With its integrated cross beams built into the top, you can secure your gear to the roof of the tent.  There are two heavy-duty M8 channel tracks that can be used to attach things like solar panels, Maxtrax, fuel cans and the ladder for the tent.  Heavier items (distributed loads of up to 176 lbs) can be stored on top, but may have to be removed before opening the tent.


The tent's canvas is 260gsm UV treated rip-stop, and the seams are sealed with seam tape.

Removable Canvas

The canvas is held in place by heavy-duty 2" velcro, which can be removed in the event that the canvas needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sleep In Blissful Comfort

The mattress in the tent is a 3" composite consisting of 2" of high-density foam for with a 1" top layer of convoluted foam.  The mattress is wrapped in a poly-cotton cover that is waterproof and 100% machine washable.

Protection From The Elements

The heavy-duty rubber seal that's fitted around the perimeter will make sure the inside of the tent stays clean and dry while you're adventuring through the rain or bombing through the dusty desert.

Condensation Killer

You don't have to worry about condensation in the Penthouse Tent XL.  The top and bottom shell of the tent is insulated with 3mm closed cell foam and fully lined with automotive carpet.  The carpet prevents drops of condensation from forming and landing on you during the night.  Remember that if the tent is left closed in a humid environment for long periods of time, it's best to periodically open and air it out.

Mounting Your Tent

The bottom of the tent is fitted with an array of 1/2" compatible track extrusions enabling a low profile mounting to virtually any surface.

Specs and Features

  • Height 7 3/4" front 11 3/4" rear (allows bedding and full size pillows to be packed inside)
  • Length 7.5 ft
  • Width 57 3/4”
  • Weight 193 lbs
  • 7'3" x 54” mattress, 3" dual density foam
  • Load bearing roof (176 lb rated spread load)
  • 3mm closed cell insulation floor and ceiling 
  • 5mm automotive carpet finish interior
  • 1/2" compatible heavy duty tracks (full roof length)
  • White/Yellow LED dimmable internal light
  • USB charger port
  • Anderson 50A internal power take-off connection 
  • Anderson 50A external power supply connection
  • Ceiling Stowage Net
  • Telescoping ladder with storage bag
  • Shoe bag

Optional roof-mounted ladder holder available here.

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