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Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent
Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent
Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent
Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent
Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent
Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent

Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent



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Need some privacy while out camping?  Want to take a shower in the buff without the worry of lingering eyes?  You also would like to do your business in peace as well, right?

The Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent is the perfect piece of kit for all of these things!

It has one side that is meant to be a shower room, and the other adjacent side for either a bathroom or changing room, or both.

This camping bathroom tent sets up very simply with just one swift motion, then just extend the four legs to the full height. It also packs away just as quickly in to a convenient carry bag.

The roof of this overland shower enclosure is mesh for maximum ventilation, and the included rainfly can be installed over it to keep the rain out.

There are three zippered doors on the Darche Twin Cube Shower Tent. One separates the two sides internally, and there is one entry/exit door for each side.

The shower side has a small opening to route your shower hose inside the tent, as well as velcro straps to keep the hose tucked out of the way.  Also included are hangers to hang either a shower head or a solar shower bag, as well as an organizer for storing your shower products.

The floor on the shower side is polyester with a mesh perimeter.  When you're done showering, just lift up on the pull tab in the center of the floor to drain the water out the mesh sides.  Brilliant!

The adjacent bathroom side includes polyester flap that can be unhooked to reveal the bare ground if you need to dig a hole for your toilet.  It also includes a towel rod for hanging a towel, as well as two handy pockets for a roll of toilet paper or anything else you need to store.

This camping bathroom tent is the ultimate privacy enclosure when you're out camping, and another outstanding product from Darche!