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G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions
G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions
G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions
G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions
G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions

G.A.R.B. Spare Tire Bag - By North Bound Expeditions

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No matter if you are a gear geek or minimalist, one thing on which all Overlanders can agree is the need to pack out our trash.

There are quite a few options on the market for this, but in our opinion the G.A.R.B. from North Bound Expeditions is at the top of list.

An acronym for Garbage And Recycling Bag, the G.A.R.B. is a canvas-like bag that you can attach to the spare tire on the back of your rig, and hold your trash and recycling bags inside.  If you aren't into recycling and saving the planet, you can just use the entire thing to hold one large trash bag.

Made from 1,000 denier Cordura, the G.A.R.B. is durable and resistant to abrasions, tears and is also waterproof.

The six D-rings along the upper inside rim allow for securing your trash and recycling bags, and help prevent bag sag.  If you've ever used other spare tire bags, you know exactly how frustrating that is.

The G.A.R.B. also features drain holes in the bottom to help with drainage in the event your trash bag leaks, when you wash the inside of the G.A.R.B. or when you exit that insanely deep water crossing.

The strong, UV and rot-resistant stitching, thick buckles and straps can easily withstand up to 75 pounds of payload.  North Bound Expeditions designed this bag with multi-functionality in mind.  Not only can it be used for trash, you can also carry firewood, extra gear, traction boards or even fuel and water tanks.

The G.A.R.B. also utilizes a mounting system that allows the bag to be easily unbuckled and removed from the vehicle when not in use.  No more loosening and re-cinching straps every time you want to take the bag on and off your rig.

With all the care and durability that's been engineered into this bag, it just might be the last spare tire bag you'll need to buy for Overlanding!


  • Made from waterproof 1,000 Denier Cordura
  • UV and rot resistant
  • Six D-rings along the inside upper rim prevent your trash bags from sagging
  • Drain holes in the bottom
  • 24" wide
  • Up to 75 lbs payload capacity
  • Buckles have a breaking strength of over 1,300 lbs
  • Hand-Made In Canada


Limited 3 year Warranty: If anything on it breaks, rips or tears, based on regular use and wear and tear, we will fix it!  Bear attacks or obvious signs of mis-use are not covered by this warranty.

Mounting Instructions

Care Instructions

Nylon is known for its strength, abrasive resistance, weather resistance and durability in contact with oils and chemicals.

Our Products are made with high-quality CORDURA nylon and PVC lined fabric held together with UV and ROT treated thread. Like any fabric, the sun and UV rays will lead to fade over time and intensity of exposure. Some ways to preserve your GARB include, removing it when not in use and hosing it down to remove sand and dust from getting embedded into the fabric, buckles and webbing.

We recommend treating your item made with Cordura nylon, with 303 Fabric Guard. It is safe on plastics, natural and synthetic fabrics, and will maintain the colorfastness, resistance to UV rays, mildew and rot, as well as the water repellency of your item.

It is suggested that customers apply a light spray of a UV shield every 2 months of EXPOSURE to keep their color longest. We use 303 Fabric Guard, but any UV treatment with an SPF factor will be beneficial, as long as it is safe to use on Nylon material.