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Pull Start Fire Starter
Pull Start Fire Starter
Pull Start Fire Starter
Pull Start Fire Starter
Pull Start Fire Starter

Pull Start Fire Starter

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OK, this could be the laziest way to start a fire, but is there anything wrong with that really?

When you're cold, the last thing you usually want to do is scavenge for some dry kindling and blow on an ember, then wait 10 minutes.

Pull Start Fire is as easy as pulling a string.  No spark or flame needed to get this fire going, and no need for small kindling.

Simply place the Pull Start Fire box under a few pieces of wood and pull the string.  Instant fire!

  • No matches or flame required
  • Will burn wet wood
  • Burns for 30 minutes
  • Wind and rain proof


Is PULL START FIRE safe to cook over?

We cook over PULL START FIRE all the time.
 Here is a breakdown of the different materials burning at each stage once the red string has been pulled:
- Seconds 1-3: Safety smoke - designed to let the user know the product started
- Seconds 3-30: Eco-friendly formulated flint / powder pack - designed to catch fire to the main brick-portion
- Minutes 0.5-30: Sanding dust & light wax - the housing of the product designed to burn long & hot. 
The sanding dust and wax is really what is burning here and it burns clean.

What is the shelf-life of PULL START FIRE?

We are a newer company, and can only attest to the year-long study applied to this matter. That being said, there is no component that would suggest PULL START FIRE would have anything but an indefinite shelf life!

Can it accidentally go off?

No. PULL START FIRE will start when the attached red string is pulled with a force greater than 3 lbs. PULL START FIRE was designed and tested to ensure it would not start via any other mechanical means including but not limited to: crushing, puncturing, shaking and dropping the product.

What are some of the PULL START FIRE safety features?

PULL START FIRE features both an audible 'pop' as well as a 2-4 second smoke timer prior to ignition to signal to the user that the product has started.
 Additionally, you can extinguish the product with 6 oz. of water in case of emergency. (Buried in product is a hydrophilic substance that will absorb a stream of water, but will remain unaffected by a light rain.)

Should I still use kindling?

In almost all cases kindling is not necessary.

Why is there a 'pop' when I pull the string?

There are multiple safety features built in to the product one of which is an audible 'pop' to let you know that the unit has started.

Is there a patent on PULL START FIRE?

PULL START FIRE holds a utility patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

What if it sits in my car and gets hot?

PULL START FIRE has an auto-ignition temperature >400°F and is designed only to start from the pull of the attached red string. When temperatures outside range from 80-100°F, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130-172°F. 
PULL START FIRE has a melting point of 147°F. Above this temperature, the wax components of the product will melt and could affect the product's ability to function properly.

What if it gets wet?

The product is suggested to remain housed in its clear plastic waterproof packaging until ready for use. However, if water breaches the packaging and the product becomes saturated, let the product dry out and it should have no problem starting. *The packaging is meant to withstand rain and dampness. Do not submerge the product.

How does it perform in cold weather?

During testing PULL START FIRE was frozen solid before use and it was actually found to burn nearly twice as long as normal.

Is it environmentally friendly?

PULL START FIRE utilizes a new Eco-friendly formulation and we make every effort to use recycled materials. The team here is constantly testing and redesigning the product with the both the user and the environment in mind. PULL START FIRE is currently 89% recycled materials. **The product does contain a plastic wrapper, and tape. These materials, however, make up less than 1% of the product.

What happens if I pull the string and it doesn't work?

Our product is tested to a reliability of greater than 99%. However, if you pull the string and nothing happens, we recommend you submerge the product in water for three minutes and then dispose of the product.  Also, please give us a call as we would be more than happy to refund you for your purchase!