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Diesel Heater Tent Vent
Diesel Heater Tent Vent
Diesel Heater Tent Vent
Diesel Heater Tent Vent
Diesel Heater Tent Vent

Diesel Heater Tent Vent

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Most of us that use a diesel heater in a rooftop or ground tent end up passing the heater duct through a zippered window or door in the tent.

That works ok to allow heat into the tent, but is not very efficient because it leaves a gap on either side of the duct where cold air can enter the tent.

By using our Diesel Heater Tent Vent, you can seal up the tent around the heater duct while still allowing heat to enter the tent!

Here's how it works:

Just connect your heater duct to the opening on the vent, then unzip the window or door of the tent and fit the tent canvas around the vent, allowing the zipper to slot into the tracks in the vent.  Then pull the zipper tabs until the rest firmly into the cutouts on either side of the vent.

Now the heat can enter the tent while keeping a tight seal around the vent!


  • Made of 3D Fuel Pro PLA
  • Louvers in opening allow vent to remain installed in zipper when heater duct is removed, preventing unwanted critters from entering your tent
  • Friction rings on opening to prevent heater duct from slipping off once installed (specific to Planar heater hose sizes)
  • Zipper pull cutouts provide a snug fit and good seal


Opening for heater duct

Planar 2kw 59mm
Planar 4kw 74mm


NOTE: This vent is designed to work with the hoses that come with the Planar Portable heaters.  Other heater ducts may work with this vent provided you can secure it around the vent opening with a clamp or zip tie.

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Ozzie Hernandez
Great product

Works great. As advertised.

Heater vent

Works perfect.