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Maxtrax Mini & Jackbase Combo
Maxtrax Mini & Jackbase Combo

Maxtrax Mini & Jackbase Combo

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MAXTRAX has launched all-new product line designed-specifically for smaller 4WDs and the ever-growing UTV segment.

MAXTRAX Mini is constructed from the same fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon as their full-size counterparts, but is 60% of the length for compact storage. MAXTRAX Mini has additional center slots for easier strap mounting on smaller vehicles.
Compatible with the existing Fixing and Linking Kit, MAXTRAX Mini can be infinitely extended in length; and because they’re the same width, they’ll stack behind full-size MAXTRAX too. Available
exclusively in Safety Orange.

MAXTRAX JaxBase is the most-extreme jack platform ever conceived. A fully-featured MAXTRAX Mini on the front-side, the JaxBase can be flipped over to reveal a reinforced HiLift® style jack platform, with a special cut-out designed to securely hold your jack. Because it nests perfectly behind, JaxBase is the perfect compliment to your existing MAXTRAX recovery boards.