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30 Amp Charge Controller to Battery Wiring Harness - By Zamp Solar

30 Amp Charge Controller to Battery Wiring Harness - By Zamp Solar

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The Zamp Solar® Wiring Harness is used to connect the battery and the charge controller. It is pre-wired with ring terminals and has a built-in breaker at the battery connection end. This UV-resistant lower harness is available separately and also included in the US-30-DX-Kit 30A Deluxe Components Kit (930x470). Cable length is 10 feet.

The Wiring Harness is a replacement for the lower end of the wiring harness for any Zamp Solar Rooftop System installations that uses a 30-Amp charge controller. This wire goes between the charge controller and the battery. One end is preterminated with ring terminals for the charge controller, the other is preterminated with 5/16" ring terminals for connection to the battery. There is a 40A self-resetting breaker on the positive side of the harness near the battery ring connection. This protects the system from any short circuit scenarios. 

  • Lower end wiring harness for rooftop systems with 30-amp charge controller
  • Connects the charge controller to the battery
  • Ring terminals on each end
  • 40A self-resetting breaker to protect against short circuit