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FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55
FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55
FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55
FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55
FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55

FlatLink E (EXPERT) - Factor 55

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The FlatLink E (Expert) is a variation of our popular foldable standard FlatLink winch shackle mount.  The FlatLink E provides a means to eliminate the conventional  winch hook and replace it with a safer and more secure screw pin shackle resulting in a CLOSED SYSTEM WINCHING operation.  The large pear shaped shackle mounting hole allows for attachment to either the pin or bow end of common screw pin shackles, as well as common OEM recovery points. This makes the new FlatLink E more versatile than the current FlatLink design, but it also adds the possibility of a dangerous shackle side loading condition (See Picture), especially during momentary slack conditions. A shackle side loading condition is not possible with our standard FlatLink shackle mount due to the shackle pin mounting constraint. For the recreational off roader we highly recommend the safer standard FlatLink product, not the FlatLink E. This way the winch operator does not have to monitor whether the shackle may have shifted and rotated in the recovery tackle. The FlatLink E is only available in the Military Specification Anodizing (Mil-A-8625 F Type III) hard anodized gray finish.

Conventional winch hooks can cut and fray recovery straps and often allow strap ends to escape during momentary slack cycles of a typical winching recovery.  Screw pin shackles do not allow strap loops to escape due to their secure screw pin attachment.   The FlatLink E does not require splicing and is compatible with steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 3/8 inches in diameter.  The cable eye is retained in the FlatLink E by a 5/8 inch diameter 6Al4V Titanium double shear pin and internal snap ring.  Installation takes only minutes.  The EPDM Rubber Guards protect alloy fairleads and are securely attached to the FlatLink E with 4 barbed tips each.  The FlatLink E stows neatly against either roller or Hawse type fairleads and is designed to be used with common 3/4 inch shackles.



  • Precision machined from 6000 series billet aluminum

  • Compatible with all roller fairlead license plate mounting brackets

  • When folded flat – less than 1.75 inches of thickness

  • Weight – 26 ounces

  • Max load rating : 16,000 pounds

  • Ultimate failure : greater than 40,000 pounds

  • Fits steel cables and synthetic winch ropes to 3/8 inch diameters

  • EPDM Rubber Guard protects alloy fairleads and cushions line stowage

  • Simple snap ring removal for shear pin

  • Fits common 3/4 shackles/D-Rings

  • Eliminates hook rattle and fairlead damage