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Geyser Portable Shower System + Heater

Geyser Portable Shower System + Heater

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Want to take a shower in the backcountry and use the least amount of water possible?

Geyser is the answer!

With it's built-in pump and adjustable flow valve, you can take a 7-minute shower with as little as 3 liters (0.8 gallons) of water.

Here's how it works.

  1. Either pour in boiling water from your camp stove, or use the built-in heater to heat the water
  2. Plug in the power cord with cigarette adapter to a 12v power source 
  3. Connect the hose to the system, and the provided sponge to the hose
  4. Apply soap to the sponge
  5. Switch on the pump
  6. Control the water flow with the valve on the hose, and soap up your body using the sponge
  7. When you're ready to rinse, remove the sponge from the hose and use the water pressure from the hose to rinse clean

The Geyser is also great for washing dishes or gear!  You can purchase extra sponges and keep one for dishes and one for showers.

You don't have to stay dirty while camping.  Get a Geyser!

Don't forget the extra scrubs!

What's Included

  • Geyser water system with built-in heater
  • 1 yellow scrub
  • 1 12v power cord with cigarette adapter
  • 1 water hose with flow valve

Weight: 9 lbs