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Jeep JK Tailgate Mount
Jeep JK Tailgate Mount
Jeep JK Tailgate Mount
Jeep JK Tailgate Mount
Jeep JK Tailgate Mount

Jeep JK Tailgate Mount

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Introducing the RotoPaX Jeep JK Tailgate spare tire mount. This mount covers your stock tailgate hinges with a heavy duty hinge cover. No more changing the entire hinge or needing a aftermarket tire carrier to hold fuel on the side of you spare tire! Included with this mount is all of the hardware that you need to carry your spare fuel container. 

Fit your 1 Gallon, 1.75 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 3 Gallon, & 4 Gallon RotoPaX Fuel Container (Universal Mounting Plate Required)

Or your 1.5 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, and 3.5 Gallon FuelPaX!

Accepts both FuelPaX and RotoPaX Mounts!

Fuel Container and mount sold separately. 

Pictured with a 33" spare tire.

Mounting Hardware

RotopaX  containers are designed to be mounted on any flat surface. This can be achieved in several ways: Many customers prefer to design and fabricate their mounting brackets. This option is best for custom applications and aftermarket setups. The other option is to purchase a RotopaX  bracket.  RotopaX  has various mounting brackets for most applications. All of the Pack Mounts and Mounting Plates are sold separately..

The ingenious pax mount design enables you to use any pax mount with any RotopaX containers. The pax mounts are all made of hardened anodized aluminum and B7 all thread, for maximum strength. Here are the options for PAX MOUNTS. (Note be sure not to over tighten the pax mount there is no need to crush the container, tighten the mount until the container is snug.)


Extensions are used when you want to stack containers on top of each other. When purchasing an extension, keep in mind that your extension size correlates with the container you will have on the base of your setup. The extensions are made of hardened anodized aluminum, with B7 all thread, for maximum strength. (Note locking pack mounts are not recommended for use with extensions.)