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Overland Addict Vinyl Transfer Decal
Overland Addict Vinyl Transfer Decal
Overland Addict Vinyl Transfer Decal
Overland Addict Vinyl Transfer Decal

Overland Addict Vinyl Transfer Decal

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This official Overland Addict vinyl transfer decal will look great on your rig!

Custom sizes available upon request.

Instructions for Installation

  1. Clean the surface to which the decal will be affixed thoroughly with a mild detergent soap, rinse and let dry. 
  2. Carefully remove the white backing paper. You can remove it all at once, but we recommend removing just about an inch from the top first and stick it to the surface, then carefully pull the rest downward while simultaneously smoothing down the clear front tape with a wide plastic spreader, putty knife or credit card. 
  3. Slowly work the clear front tape and decal down the surface, ensuring that you don’t get any bubbles. 
  4. Using your spreader or credit card, slowly scrape across the front tape and decal at a shallow angle with moderate pressure to ensure the decal is stuck to the surface well. You can also use your hand or fingers to do the same. 
  5. Once you’re certain the decal is adhered, pull up one of the bottom corners of the front clear tape and slowly remove it from the decal, making sure to pull at as close to 180 degrees as possible so as to not pull up the decal from the surface. If time permits, it’s best to wait a few hours to give the glue on the decal the best chance to adhere. 
  6. While pulling the tape loose, if you happen to see the decal coming loose from the surface, press it back down firmly to the surface then try again. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
André Geurts
PVC Patch at its Best!

Great colors, amazing detail and a fantastic PVC Patch.

Brandon Doiron
Vinyl Transfer Decal

Very nice, high quality decal. Wish it came in more colors. Very satisfied!

Jeff Craig

Excellent products and awesome customer service 👌


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