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Pelican Cross-Bed Mount (Universal)
Pelican Cross-Bed Mount (Universal)
Pelican Cross-Bed Mount (Universal)

Pelican Cross-Bed Mount (Universal)

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Use Vehicle Mounting Kits for your Pelican hard cases to expand your storage possibilities. Whatever your cargo needs are - we have a solution for truck beds and roof racks. Pelican case quick mounts are available for Ford™ , Toyota™ , Chevrolet™ , Jeep™ , Ram™ and other vehicles. Pelican mounting brackets do not require any drilling. Pelican case quick mounts lock to your vehicle securely with a TSA, cable lock or padlock (not included) on one or both sides of the case and can be removed in seconds.

Kit includes:

2x Cross-bed mount, plate assembly

  • 1x Cross-bed mount bracket
  • 1x Cross-bed mount upper
  • 2x M10 1.5 x 25 BTN-HD socket cap screw
  • 2x M10 1.5 nylon lock flange nut
  • 2x Flange clamp
  • 1x Cargo case plate clamp
  • 2x M5 0.8 x 16 flanged hex hd screw
  • 6x M8 nylon lock nut
  • 2x M8 x 16 carriage bolt
  • 4x M8 x 30 carriage bolt
  • 1x Cross-bed mount lower
  • 4x M6 nylon retainer washer
  • 2x M10 black nylon flat washer

2x Cross-bed mount, tethered clevis pin and R-clip assembly

  • 1x R-clip
  • 1x Cross-bed clevis pin
  • 1x Lanyard

Compatible with BX135 Cargo Case, BX255 Cargo Case